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Oil and Gas Landman Jobs


Essentially an oil and gas landman is the person who examines title to the property where the oil company is considering drilling a well. The geologist studies seismic data and graphs to discover an excellent place where gas and oil is going to be found in the ground. It'll subsequently get to be the work of the oil and gas landman to lease this area of land from the owner in order to drill the well.


The landman will subsequently visit the courthouse in the county or parish where the property is situated after being given a map of the area of land needing to be leased. The main reason for the courthouse being visited by them would be to get an inventory of the landowners in this region. The courthouse can give the Landman the names as well as the addresses of the people and offer a starting point for the landman's research. The Landman will need to get the phone numbers from a phone book, so they'll go by the phone company and get one in case they do not have one.


The landman at should begin by checking whether the land is leased already, although most businesses will check to determine this. They're going to assess several of the big landowners on the map to ensure the land is not leased. This is often carried out by running the names in the conveyance books under their last name, checking to see if there is a recorded lease. After the landman has assessed a number of the big landowners and is sure there aren't any leases, they can begin the process of leasing.


The initial order of business after ensuring the acreage is not leased is for the landman is to discover about who the real mineral owner is. The mineral owner and land owner may be two completely different individuals and the oil and gas landman needs to check and ensure that the minerals are really owned by the land owner. This is often carried out by running forwards the land owners name in the conveyance books to see who it was bought by them from and ensuring the mineral rights were expressed in this transfer.


Doing the title work to ascertain who the minerals' owner is usually is the part that's the most confusing as well as a large part of the landman's job. A visit to the abstract office or courthouse in the parish or county where you're working as the landman is going to be needed for this records research. You'll need to find the tract's current owner and then trace backwards the ownership to ensure there are not any mineral reservations on the land.